Our Mission

Aikido Shugyo dojo promotes a higher level of awareness, spiritual development and martial principles through the practice of Aikido – a non-competitive martial art that seeks to resolve conflict in non-violent ways. Shugyo means “determined training that fosters enlightenment.” At our dojo, we work on polishing both the body and the spirit through the dedicated study of how to diffuse conflict physically, emotionally and spiritually. The teachers and students at Shugyo respect students of all ages and abilities, embrace individual differences and value all members of the dojo.

We understand that most adults need to feel a level of safety when starting – they don’t want to feel their bodies are in jeopardy when they try a martial art.

Aikido is an art that, with effort and diligent practice, helps a student to grow mentally, spiritually and have good health through physical training.

Training can be more vigorous and dynamic at the higher levels. The instructors will help you learn to move safely and dynamically.

The hours of Aikido practice on the mat will make a positive difference to a student’s everyday life. Training in Aikido increases safety awareness and provides self-defence skills. It helps the student develop a calm but alert mind through the day.

We believe students learn best when the instructors are approachable, receptive to questions and responsive to the needs of individual students.