Covid-19 Safety Guideline for Aikido Training
(updated October 1, 2021)

Students need to reserve spots ahead of time to participate indoor classes. The Sunday outdoor weapons classes continue, and all youth and adult members are welcome to attend outdoor classes without reserving spots.

Ontario’s vaccine passport system came into effect as of September 22nd, 2021. That means the proof of vaccination and valid identification are required to enter the dojo premises.

Please stay home if feeling unwell. Take the self-screening questions before coming to classes.

If anyone feels sick or trouble breathing during classes, report to the instructor immediately.

The Proof of Vaccination

The proof of vaccination and valid identification are required to enter the dojo premises (regular members will only need to show it once). Your final dose of the Health Canada authorized COVID-19 vaccine must be received at least 14 days before providing the proof.

-Children under 12 years old
-Medical exceptions with a written document from a medical doctor or registered nurse
-Entering dojo to use a washroom
-When signing up for classes and paying for uniform or training fees

Guideline for Indoor Class Participation

Maximum 10 persons in the dojo premises at a time.

Keep front and back doors open.

Required actions upon arrival:
-Wear face mask
-Wash or sanitize hands
-Sign attendance sheet
-Visitors are required to sign in

Wear indoor slippers or socks when OFF the mat area

Only one person in change room at a time

Keep 2-meter physical distancing when you are not actively participating in training

No kiai shouting

Sanitize weapons and other equipment after use

Outdoor Weapon Classes

Wear face mask

Bring your own weapons or contact Sensei to borrow a set of weapons

No kiai shouting