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Play and Practice

The children’s classes that he began with were full of fun and easily accessible movements that kept him interested and enjoying each lesson. The spirit of learning and playfulness in classes kept him coming back year after year.

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Family Time / Aikido = Awesome!

When our children embark on new classes we consider: are they enjoying themselves; does the activity provide the opportunity to learn new and valuable skills; by spending our time engaging in this activity are we helping our children learn the value of today's most fleeting resource—time?

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Aikido Lessons Learned: Power in small hands

"Tap, Daddy." I hear it every week; I help out in the kids' class and invariably wind up practicing with my daughter in her diligent practice of Aikido. Inevitably, I find myself in the awkward position of being calmly but firmly pinned to the ground by an 8 year old. I'm used to it now, but it always takes me by surprise.

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