In October 1984, Fran Sensei started teaching morning classes at the downtown Y. This was the start for what has become Aikido Shugyo Dojo. Please join us for a weekend seminar and the party to celebrate our 30 years.

  • The 30th Anniversary Seminar will take place at our dojo on Saturday & Sunday, November 29 & 30.
    • Please note that for this seminar, kids are invited to the first class on Saturday, after which there will be photos taken. The regular Saturday kids class at noon is cancelled.
      • Saturday, Nov 29
        10 to 11 – Fran Turner Sensei
        11 to noon – Gabe DiMarco Sensei
        Lunch break
        2 to 3 – Stefan Barton Sensei, Golden Triangle Aikikai
        3 to 4 – Fran Turner Sensei
      • Sunday, Nov 30
        10 to 11 – Gabe DiMarco Sensei
        11 to noon – Fran Turner Sensei
  • The party takes place on Saturday evening, November 29.
    • Details to follow.