by Sheridan Torres, 6th kyu

I started Aikido a few weeks back. When I first called the dojo to ask if I could get some information on the classes, I was just told to drop in and see for myself. To tell you the truth, I got excited and tried to get there as soon as I could. When I walked into the dojo, the air seemed clean and the space seemed bright. Now, it could have just been the lights and the ventilation, but all in all it seemed different somehow.

As I watched the students practice Aikido looked like a slow martial art that would not be difficult to learn. But when I began to actually start practicing it, it changed my whole perspective. With each different move there would always be some kind of little adjustments that had to be made. It could be anything from posture, proper footing, movement or direction – there is always something to be corrected or even improved.

Then there’s performing the techniques while learning the Japanese names and meanings. It sometimes feels like a lot to remember and a lot of hard work (which it is!) but in my opinion that’s what creates value in practicing Aikido or any other martial art. I can only learn and improve as I go on to practice with the help of Sensei and other practitioners. As well I learn by watching students at different levels as they help each other with their training.

I aim to continue to grow in Aikido. I have to say, that ever since I started, I’ve been grateful and appreciate that I’ve found a dojo that demonstrates strong values, principles and the discipline of Aikido.

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